View Full Version : Anyone try New Oriental Warmtone Fiber?

8-Apr-2009, 16:27
I had horrible, ugly problems with old Oriental Warmtone and edge fogging. I found no developer or additive that would cure the problem. The paper has a very nice look otherwise so I am eager to hear of people's experience with the new product.

8-Apr-2009, 16:58
If you're talking about the VC Seagull Warmtone, yes. I love this paper. I'm printing a whole series on it. It was absolutely lovely in the Ilford Cooltone developer that I can;t seem to get anymore, but is still wonderful in Dektol/Selectol-Soft or in Sprint Quicksilver.

Not LF, these are 35mm negs...

8-Apr-2009, 19:18
Thanks. You make the paper look very good.