View Full Version : 6x9 Linhof Technika III- back?

Mark Sampson
7-Apr-2009, 18:23
So I have this 6x9 Tech III outfit on approval. Never used any Technika in 30 years of LF (or in this case small LF). Looks intriguing but one thing stymies me. I can't get the groundglass back off to accept the included 6x9 Rollex back. i realize this elegant thing is from the early 1950s but still... there are four knobs at the corners of the back, which allow the back movements/extension to move. Then on the rotating back itself are two ribbed squeeze levers, that actually allow the back to extend. But I can't find a way to get the gg back off, and replace it with the roll-film back. The roll back itself has a large round ring, obviously to allow it to rotate. I also can't see hoew to remove the focussing hood from the GG back, although there's a thumb-lever for that too. I know, RTFM, but there ain't one. I went to the review section on this site and studied Jason Sanford Greenberg's story.. but that was a Tech IV. Went to Cameraquest, great article, no details. And I thought Leicas were quirky! Any Linhof aficionados out there? :confused:

7-Apr-2009, 19:41
I'm not that familiar with the older ones but do you have the levers the newer ones have (#40 in the picture)? If so, press these in and the back can slide off.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
7-Apr-2009, 20:51
As best I recall the Technica III and IV have the same back, and this looks very similar to the one which IC Racer posted. To removed the GG you push in both no. 40s and slide out the GG.

Bob Salomon
7-Apr-2009, 21:02
There is a lever on the back that you push down to remove the ground glass back so you can use the roll back.

Disregard the answers above as they are for the 45 Technika which is what ic racer posted a picture of. The 69 Technikas do not have a Graflock type back.

Peter K
7-Apr-2009, 23:11
There is a lever on the back that you push down to remove the ground glass back so you can use the roll back.
The Technika IV 6x9 has this lever and this is the only difference from the Technika III. With the T III turn the back 45, push the 4 sliders outwardly. Now the ground-glass-back can exchanged with the Rollex back.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
8-Apr-2009, 07:33
Oops, Peter is right. With the III you need to remove the entire back by moving those sliders...