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9-Oct-2001, 11:07
I have just bought a Schneider 430mm, Apo Artar. Can anyone help me with some in formation on this lens? Is it comparable to the Goerz Red Dot Artar? THanks.


9-Oct-2001, 11:34
Schneider was the last owner of the rights to produce the Artar line - they acquired the "company" sometime around 1990. It is the same lens. One question, some people have stated that there may have been multicoated versions (Schneider denies that there are), is yours single or multicoated?

Michel Schmerber
9-Oct-2001, 13:15
the 11/480 Apo-Artar is a 4 element in 4 group lens with a symetrical building. he has a size 3 shutter, a flange focal distance at infini with a compur shutter of 477 mm, an image circle at f/22 and infini of 410 mm and use a filter thread M58x0.75

Michel Schmerber
10-Oct-2001, 03:27
Roland as i am looking to the design of the lens, it is probably corrected for 1:1 shoot. this lens is single coated.