View Full Version : Large Ross Lens

Ross Felix
27-Aug-2001, 05:10
Does anybody know anything about large ross lenses, as I have picked up a ross 5 0 inch f 8 telephoto lens. I have been told that its vintage is about the time o f the second world war.

Walter Glover
27-Aug-2001, 06:48
Perhaps a bit of optic detritus surviving the Woomera Tests, Ross. I've been told that there was all manner of exotica at the time being used for tracking and the like. Have you run a check on it for radiation?

Good luck .... WG

Pete Watkins
27-Aug-2001, 14:51
Ross were an English company and were reputed to be one of the best in their time. I use a 105mm Ross enlarging lens and I think that it's of a reasonable quality.I would guess that the date that you quote is about right i.e. between the 1940's & the 1950's. Try it. Pete.

Pete Andrews
28-Aug-2001, 06:25
It was most likely designed as a television or cine lens, and may not cover a much larger format. I've seen one or two of these monster lenses designed by Ross or Taylor Hobson, but never had the chance to play with one of them. Tell us all what you find, please.