View Full Version : What type of Toyo is This?

6-Apr-2009, 15:21
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of diving into the world of LF. I'm totally clueless except that I know everything is BIGGER. I found this camera for sale and was wondering if this would be a good starter camera. The problem is I don't know what is involved with going to LF. Can someone give me the coles notes of what I need to make sure I'm aware of before diving into and investing all this $$$?

This I found for sale for $500. Is it worth it?



6-Apr-2009, 16:26
I'm not familiar enough with Toyos to id the camera from the cruddy picture you posted, but just as important (or maybe more so) what is the lens on the camera? It looks like a modern copal shutter, so I'm assuming the lens is decent, which would lead me to believe that the whole outfit might well be worth the $500. Have you actually seen the camera? You want to make sure the bellows is in good shape.

Your other questions are really pretty broad. Why are you interested in LF? What are you going to take pictures of? A little more information would really enable people here to help you out.

6-Apr-2009, 16:59
Your camera will work fine. Make sure you read all the articles in www.largeformatphotography.info as a primer.

6-Apr-2009, 18:16
I've seen it listed as a D45M. I've owned one for years and it works nicely, although it's buried in some closet. The camera itself has been going on ebay for around $200 when I've stumbled across them.