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Brian Wallen
5-Apr-2009, 19:49
Oren Grad recently pointed me to a press release from Komamura, the manufacturer of Horsemans, that they published in 1992 introducing a Horseman Digital VH. This appears to have been a VH 6 x 9 technical camera with a new back structure that Komamura had developed that included a Hasselblad standard digital mount.

Has anyone seen one of these in the flesh? Know anything about the market success of this model?

The press release is here:

Jeff Keller
5-Apr-2009, 22:54
For short focal lengths, the movements available on the VH(R) are limited by bellows interference with the body's box. Some people have cut the top and hinged it so that the lens can be shifted upwards further with short focal lengths. If you were going to use it with a smaller format back, you probably don't want to be using it for architectural shots.

Sorry I don't remember seeing anything about the digital adapter.

Jeff Keller