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Pete Watkins
5-Apr-2009, 11:30
I'm bored with my usual film developer so I've had a read of my copy of The Film Developing Cookbook and decided that I'd like to try Vestals Divided D-76 with the modifications recommended by the authors. I develop my sheet film using constant agitation.
I have a few issues.
Mixing temperatures?
Developing temperatures?
Should I pre wash the film (even though Ilford advise against it with their films)?
I usually use my present developer diluted but as a one shot, could I get away with doing this with divided D-76?
5 minutes in each bath is recommended, any variations?
Any other advice would be much appreciated.

Henry Ambrose
5-Apr-2009, 12:23
I think you'll want 125 degrees F for mixing the metol.
Room temperature, same each session.
No pre-wash.
One shot is the only way I used it. I also varied the amount of metol and sodium sulfite. Dropping hydroquinone reduces complexity - you're down to 3 components plus water.

Here's some more info on this subject showing variations on what I lump together as "simple metol developers":


Then, you can start adding to the basic formula so its less simple (as if that makes any sense):

"Glycin Metolrita" where I took notice of the similarities of 130 paper developer and D23.
(the "rita" part comes from margarita - with salt on the rim)