View Full Version : Suggest alternative(s) for 8x10 negative hangers?

emo supremo
4-Apr-2009, 12:17
I am setting up to process 8x10 color reversal, have my hangers and need to figure out an inexpensive source of containers for the different baths. I intend to make the baths up from scratch in my lab and have superb temperature control going for me. I don't want to go the route of kits because I don't shoot enough 8x10 to warrant the filling of conventional tanks specific for this purpose. Tubes would make sense but I don't like the idea of the tube: (1) never felt cross contamination of baths was negligible and (2) don't feel (and don't know how to quantify) temperature control is as consitent as the baths incubated in my apparatus.

As an aside but in a related sense I just posted this query as well:

Could someone please tell me of a readily available supply of CD3 here in the USA for the E-6 color reversal process? I suppose I can get most of my chemicals but the place I bought my CD3 and citrizinic acid went belly up (and the last time I bought it was hard to find someone who would deal in small quantities) and I don't need a ton of it. If you have your own kilogram(s) perhaps you'd like to sell some of your lot to me. Alternatively, perhaps a few of you would like to chip in to buy us a container and we could split it?
PS: Why does a search for CD-3 (CD3) come up with only two hits in the forum!?

emo supremo
15-Apr-2009, 21:52
What do you folks put your solutions for your 8x10 hangers in when you develop negatives?

Gene McCluney
15-Apr-2009, 22:01
What do you folks put your solutions for your 8x10 hangers in when you develop negatives?

I use standard Cesco-lite 3.5 gallon tanks in a water jacket sink for C-41, and in a dry sink at room temp for b/w. For E-6 I use some 3.5 gallon stainless steel tanks originally designed for an early color print process that fit in a Kreonite water-jacket sink. Cesco-lite (type) 3.5 gallon tanks are still available at Calumet (as example of one supplier). They are also plentiful on the used market..as well as other brands. These tanks have the ledge built-in to support the 8x10 format film hangers, and will also support single 5x7 hangers in the narrow dimension. I use single 8x10, double 5x7 or quad 4x5 hangers, all of which have the form factor of an 8x10 hanger.

Chuck Pere
16-Apr-2009, 05:07
For smaller scale processing you can get narrow 1 gal SS tanks that fit the standard 8x10 hanger. Most I've used is 3 hangers at once when using mine.

16-Apr-2009, 07:58
The narrow 1 gallon tanks are great. As are the standard 8x10 hangers. No need to re-invent the wheel.