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2-Apr-2009, 06:03
hi all,

i have a very very nice camera made in paris that i would like to use for wet plate. the only problem is i can not envision how the plate holder goes into the back! the door opens. it looks like the plate holder slides into the place the GG came out of but what about the DS? the GG is flush with the back. there is no room for a DS based on where the GG sits (where the plate should sit...the "T" distance)

thanks for any help and photos.


2-Apr-2009, 06:28
Weird. I guess you didn't get any plate holders with the camera? It looks similar to the bookform holder back on my half plate camera, but your holders look like they drop in rather than slide in. Maybe the holders used roll-top darkslides. I've seen some that actually do a "U" inside the holder.

2-Apr-2009, 07:33
interesting idea. any photos?

nope. no holders. awesome camera. i hope to make it work.

2-Apr-2009, 08:00
The same here, my wishlist:
from the back with the GG hinged away, so you see the track where the film holder comes; and a photo of the camera ofcourse.... we love those camera's here.

If the track has a M shape you might even use a standard film holder with a V shape glued to the long side, but this is pure speculation.


2-Apr-2009, 08:03
I don't have any pics of the roll-top type holders, but here's a pic of my half plate with its holder. You can see how the holder slides in from the side. What are the dimensions of the space for a holder in your camera?



6-Apr-2009, 14:35
There is a picture of a camera with what looks like a roll-top type holder at www.liveauctioneers.com/item/2453877.

6-Apr-2009, 16:36
Others have answered your questions already. But, what format is that camera?