View Full Version : Bosscreen, Black Printing or Silverline ?

8-Oct-2001, 06:47
I'm going to buy a Bosscreen for my Linhof Technika V (lens : 90, 110, 180, 240) i'm shooting urban landscapes and architecture an article in french: http://sortir.lemonde.fr/article/0,4462,228910,00.html I need a grid on my focusing screen for verticals correction, Bosscreen provides two types of screen Black Printing or Silverline, so here is my question : is the silverline good enought for precise work (i beli eve that sometimes, the black grid become quite boring when you are making the c omposition) ? Thanks by advance !

8-Oct-2001, 12:41
i tried a bosscreen but had instant problems with tiny bubbles in the parafin binder that holds the two plates together. also, it still needed an additional fresnel screen to provide the edge brightness i needed. i returned the bosscreen and bought a beattie intenscreen. it has been just fine, but it also still needs the addition of a fresnel screen for edge brightness. YMMV.

andrea milano
10-Oct-2001, 14:04
Bosscreen doesn't provide silverline for all cameras, as far as I know they only provide silverline if already in stock but the last time I bought one at the factory(I work in the Hague-The Netherlands....) they told that they discontinued the production of silverline and unless things changed from last spring ........ . I have a silverline and I have had 2 black print. Basically it is only a metter of looks they are both great and there is no functional difference. Silverline looks neater and more expensive! Bubbles only happen if the glass gets too hot, I never had any troubles and needed no fresnel up until 75mm.