View Full Version : Nikon Warranties

Robert Ruderman
23-Oct-1998, 15:30

I am in quest of my first telephoto lens for landscape applications, specificall y a Nikon 300mm M series lens (the T series is a bit out of my fiscal grasp). O n talking with B&H about the lens, they offered it for sale without a warranty.

Is buying a new lens without a (1 year) warranty a cause for concern? It'll sav e $40 over one with a warranty. Is the biggest risk the copal shutter (the only moving part) not working correctly at all speeds?

Thanks for all advice, Robert

Ellis Vener
23-Oct-1998, 16:38
Robert, I buy USED equipment with only a minimal (none/ten day/two week/one month) warra nty all the time. Rarely have do i have a problem. On the other hand, you are gr iping about $40.00? Amortize that out over a year: That is what, $3.50 a month? If you have the lens 4 years, it is less than a dollar. My point is unless you a re going to save really big money, get the officially imported version with the full warranty. BTW the 300mm M-Nikkor is a terrific lens.