View Full Version : 6x7 or 6x9 back for Toko 5x4

1-Apr-2009, 10:39

I waa just wondering if anyone knows what the best roll film back is for this camera. It won't accept the standard Graflock back, are there any other types( I am aware of the calumet backs, but theres no 2nd hand ones available)? I was looking at some 6x7 and 6x9 backs on ebay but most don't specify whether its a Graflock back or not. Can anyone point me in the right direction? it would be much appreciated! thanks, David.

Gene McCluney
1-Apr-2009, 10:51
There are used Calumet roll-film backs available, as well as similar design roll-film backs made in the Calumet style, you just have to be patient, as they come up for sale from time to time. Any slide-in type roll film back, such as marketed by Calumet would work for any 4x5 camera, as they are about as thick as a standard film holder. Calumet still has these backs for sale brand new, of course. For used, check the for sale forum here, and the popular auction site.

1-Apr-2009, 11:03
A 6x7 Calumet C2 back sold here recently. Like this week.

1-Apr-2009, 13:41
A 6x7 Calumet C2 back sold here recently. Like this week.

Actually, it may still be for sale. Look in the For Sale Forum.