View Full Version : image blur around edges

31-Mar-2009, 18:24
I've been shooting with a Rodenstock 100mm and have had no issues with broad scenes but when I attempt interiors specifically I get the blur around the images edges. Please help, thanks.

Andrew O'Neill
31-Mar-2009, 18:25
Around all four edges?? Can you show us a scan?

31-Mar-2009, 18:42
No scan readily available. I'm guessing this is diffraction (I'm just starting out). But seems to only be a problem in the tight quarters of interior rooms, where the scene is closer to the lens, if that makes sense.

Andrew O'Neill
31-Mar-2009, 18:52
It's not diffraction if the blur is along the edges. Sorry, I still don't understand. Is the blur on all four edges? Or is the blur on one edge? Are you using an extreme wide angle lens?

31-Mar-2009, 19:25
If it's not around all corners, but just one or two, you're probably using too much movement for your lens and getting out of the sharp part of your image circle.