View Full Version : Archiving Polaroid 4x5s

Hailu Shack
7-Oct-2001, 20:07
Hope you can help me with my problem with Polaroid 4x5's. I love them for use in my Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic, and Calumet 4x5.

Problem: I have over 100 of these pictures lying around. I want to keep them, and even store them for future pleasure and reference when returning to sites. At one level, I would like to find a readily availabe picture frame, and on the other, a small binder or such for portability.

QUESTION: Does anyone know of albums, polypro sleeves, etc. for this size of photograph? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Sean Donnelly
7-Oct-2001, 21:08
The PrintFile "45-4HB POL" archival preserver is made especially for filing 4x5" Polaroid prints, and also Type 55P/N negatives. They hold 4 prints or negatives in a 9.5x11" oversize page punched for 3- ring binder.

FYI, these will also hold sleeved conventional 4x5" negatives/transparencies.