View Full Version : DEZ30 for the CAP40 and storing ilfochrome

Phil Brammer
6-Oct-2001, 18:54

I have a CAP40 cibachrome processor that i plan to process ilfochrome in.(proces s P30). The operating instructions mention that an additive called "DEZ30" is re quired to be added to the developer for proper operation. I was wondering if any one out there knows:

1. is this additive still avaliable and if so where from (i live in Sydney Australia)

2. Is it still required (have the chemicals advanced so the additive is not required?

Secondly i plan to purchase a roll of ilfochrome paper 30cm x 50m. If i were to use this roll a small amount at a time over approx 6 months what would be the be st way to store it? I have thought about a light tight dispenser that i keep in the fridge, and unrolling some in the darkroom, cutting it off and then closing the light tight container and returning it to the fridge. Would this work? Or wo uld the moisture formed on the paper when removed from the fridge damage it?

Thanks for your time

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Phillip Brammer

Andre Noble
6-Oct-2001, 20:21
"Is it (additive) still required?"

No, it's now incorporated in current Ilfochrome formulation. Andre

Paul Schilliger
7-Oct-2001, 05:11
My last experience with this stuff was four years ago (before I went digital). T he additive was a must then as I used to prepare ten liters at a time, and capable of regenerating a mixture prep ared even 3 months in advance and stored in an air tight container (floating lid and neutral gaz) in a fridge. There is also another additive that you mix with the bleach to have purer whites. But I think you can buy two liters packages that are more expensive but make it much easier for you don't need the additives, just wa tch that you replace it before it is exhausted. I have used rolls (50cm x 30m) but I had to build a dispenser w ith two cylindrical rolls on which the roll was laid and and debited in the dark. Not an easy thing. I used to cut some in advance and store them in a flat box. It is necessary to take the roll out of the fridge well in advanc e. The benefit of using rolls is that you have only one batch of color for all your formats.