View Full Version : Fuji Neopan ACROS contraction and expansion times

28-Mar-2009, 18:24

I've started LF photography and film photography in general several months ago, and I've been exploring and testing in the darkroom ever since. I'm using Fuji Neopan ACROS 100 for the time being, and my standard development time is 7'30" at 20C in D-76 (recommended by Fuji, good results so far). I want to start experimenting with contractions and expansions and was wondering if anybody has done this before with the same film-developer combination, and was willing to share some development times to serve as guidelines.

Also on another note, I've been using tray development until now, but I've been considering getting a Jobo 3005 drum for daylight processing. Do I need a processor (CPP-2 etc.) with the drum, or is the drum enough to process film? To formulate it better, using a Jobo 3005, what else do I need to develop film with it?

Thanks upfront.

28-Mar-2009, 19:38
For $20 or less, I find a motor base (Uniroller or Beseler) very helpful with my 3010 tank.

Jim Graves
29-Mar-2009, 02:56
I use the 3005 for all my 4x5 up to 8x10 processing with the Beseler motor base Wayne mentions. Works great.

29-Mar-2009, 07:52
Thanks for the tip about the Beseler motor base. By the way, how do you regulate the temperature of the chemistry? Also, do you have any links to a online store that sells the motor base?

29-Mar-2009, 13:24
Motor base: long out of production. I have 1 of each: Uniroller & Beseler.

Where to buy: forums like this, camera stores, ebay.

Temp: I start at 68F & room temp. seems to work for me for B&W up to 12 minutes.