View Full Version : Linhof Technika V Spring-tensioned arms

27-Mar-2009, 11:14

i just got a Technika V but one of the spring of the Spring-tensioned arms (to hold groundglass frame) is a bit loose.

i will try to see if i can "fix" it but do you know where i could buy a replacement spring should i need to change it ? is Linhof still servicing this kind of parts?



Bob Salomon
27-Mar-2009, 11:41
If your spring has two turns of the spring then any Linhof service center has them. If your spring has one turn then you would have to replace both arms and springs. Marflex in the USA can help you. 252 652-4401.

Peter K
27-Mar-2009, 11:55
Jerome, as I know the springs, the left and the right springs are different, are the same used today for the Master-Technika. But the arms from the Technika V are mounted with a screw, later ones have rivet joints. So ask Linhof (http://www.linhof.de/index-e.html) for the next service point.

28-Mar-2009, 08:50
thanks , i will contact my local Linhof service point then.