View Full Version : Any info on Ilex Oscillo-paragon please

Erik Larsen
26-Mar-2009, 15:41
Hi folks, does any one have an info on a couple lenses I need to value. They are labled 3 inch f1.9 Ilex Oscillo-paragon mounted in copal press #1's. I'm not familiar with these. I'm trying to find a value to sell them for someone and need a ball park figure. I haven't found anything useful through google. Do any of you folks no what the heck these are for? They came from a pro photog but he was such a pack rat that they could be from anywhere:)
Thanks for any help.

Bob Salomon
26-Mar-2009, 15:52
Probably for photographing traces on oscilloscopes.

26-Mar-2009, 16:44
They were in those black plastics box camera attachments for oscilloscope screenshot Polaroids, where they would have to cover 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 at about 1:1. Given that and the focal length, they probably won't even do 6x6cm at infinity.

Prices will vary extremely - a realistic figure is $20-30 (there are plenty of surplus stores which sit on crates full of entire screenshot cameras for prices in that range), but a clash between two clueless bokeh nuts will occasionally drive up the price of some similar lens on that auction site way beyond $100.

Glenn Thoreson
26-Mar-2009, 16:50
They make good door stops. :D

Erik Larsen
26-Mar-2009, 16:55
Thanks guys, I guess the shutters are worth more than the lenses. The shutters are in perfect shape:)