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26-Mar-2009, 14:06
Hello Everyone,
a friend of mine who's a photographer just recently gave me a hell of a deal on a scanner so in return I am helping him sell some items he no longer needs. Problem is, I don't know a lot about large format gear which is why I'm asking here about a reasonable price.

The items are as follows:

- Sinar F2 view camera (including front- and rear standards, bellows, ground glass) which comes with a big blue Sinar suitcase

- Sinar shutter (not sure about the name but it's one of those that are mounted on the camera and only go up to 1/60s)

- Rodenstock Sironar-N 150 f/5.6 MC lens

- 6x7 back + groundglass

- Sinar Binocular Reflex viewer

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ed Richards
26-Mar-2009, 14:58

26-Mar-2009, 15:28

Thanks. I actually did check KEH but they're not offering a Sinar F2 at the moment. I might be able to price a few of the accessories, though.

Gene McCluney
26-Mar-2009, 17:01
I just purchased a "like-new" in factory box F2 I think on this forum (a few weeks ago) for about $450. And it was, as new, plastic wrap on parts, in styro fitted Factory shipping box.

29-Mar-2009, 08:56
thanks! I will take this into consideration.

Peter De Smidt
29-Mar-2009, 09:10
Remember that condition is very important. Also, with the Sinar Copal shutter, having the cables is a big deal, as they are very expensive. Another place to look for pricing is to search Ebay's completed auctions.

30-Mar-2009, 23:20
Yes, the condition is definitely important. This F2 is well used but fully working (apart from one spirit level). The shutter's not a Copal but one that's on a board (Sinar DB shutter?).

I'm also looking on ebay for completed auction prices. The F2 was difficult do check for since there are lots of auctions for front or rear standards only. The rest should be easier.

Martin Miksch
31-Mar-2009, 02:56
There are different types of the shutter, the older ones have a little cable coming out from a corner to attach a flash, the newer ones have this cable removeable. They come with 2 cables, one to release and the other is attached to the rear standard and closes the shutter when a holder is slipped into the back.
Price differences between this two types are noticable.

neil poulsen
31-Mar-2009, 03:00
The Sinar Reflex Viewers regular go for about $200 or $250 on EBay.

What make of 6x9 back do you have?

23-Apr-2009, 04:33
Sorry for the late reply!
Anyways, I'm not sure what shutter it is but will have a look tomorrow at the studio.

The rollfilm back is a 6x7, not 6x9. It's a Sinar. AFAIK there is also a Sinar rollfilm back with adjustable frame sizes but this one is only a 6x7.