View Full Version : Doing 4x5 E-6 in a Paterson Auto colortherm

Paul Coppin
6-Oct-2001, 10:38
Hi all, after a lot of decades of 35 and some mf, I've blown the kid's inheritan ce and jumped into LF as well. My local dealer has a new/old inventory Paterson Auto Colourtherm processor sitting on a shelf looking for a home, and it would a ppear that this might be viable alternative to a Jobo system, for what I think w ill be a lot less money. Physically it is very similar to the jobo cpe/cpa syste ms. Film specs are rated 35-220 in the film tank -it uses the patterson system 4 tanks. I'm wondering if anyone has used this system for 4x5, in either the film tank or the paper tank (which has separators for smaller paper (hence film??) s izes. Might the jobo 4x5 reel fit in a Paterson system 4 tank?