View Full Version : which cable release adapter for recessed?

Andrea Gazzoni
25-Mar-2009, 13:25
I'd like to ask some advice on what kind of cable release adapter works the best with recessed lensboards.

I see there are these two models, which is best in your experience?

thank you

Gem Singer
25-Mar-2009, 13:35
Hi Andre,

Definitely the one on the right (the short, flexible one).

Although slightly more expensive, well worth it.

Andrea Gazzoni
25-Mar-2009, 13:45
thanks for the advice Gem, I guess you can suspect of which lens this will be attached to ;)

isn't it more prone to broke due to the constant bend?

Gem Singer
25-Mar-2009, 15:45
I have been using these flexible cable release extenders for several years, and have never had one fail.

I use them for wide angle lenses that are mounted in smaller recessed lens boards and leave them attached all the time. A more severe bend than in a larger sized Sinar recessed lens board. Plenty of space for a Copal 0 shutter an a Sinar recessed board.