View Full Version : Full Plate image size?

24-Mar-2009, 12:33
What is the actual image size of a full plate negative (6.5x8.5")? Thanks.

Sal Santamaura
24-Mar-2009, 12:54
Depends on the holder. My Lotus and Chamonix holders expose 157.6mm x 206.9 mm. The only thing that's changed since this thread


is that Fotoman announced in January of this year that it will not bring "whole plate" holders to market after all.

24-Mar-2009, 15:17
Thanks, Sal.
I've got a lo-ball bid in on that FP Gandolfi, hoping for the best, but times are even tougher than normal. If I get it, I'll need to have a new back made to take cut film holders, and then find some of them.

Andrew M
24-Mar-2009, 15:22
My old wooden bookform holders expose 8 1/4" x 6 1/4", then have a 1/8 inch shelf around the perimeter for the glass to sit on, ending up with the 8.5"x6.5" plate size.

Alex Wei
24-Mar-2009, 20:17
Chamonix WP camera and holder give me a image size of 158X207mm, or take Sal's number, I think it more accurate.


Henry Suryo
25-Mar-2009, 15:21
Ready to finally treat yourself to that Gandolfi you've always wanted, eh Bill? Hope you get the camera, they're pretty nice cameras. I like my little 4x5 Traditional though I find the movements and double extension somewhat limited. But they are exceptionally rigid and solid. Good luck.

Sal Santamaura
26-Apr-2009, 09:56
...I've got a lo-ball bid in on that FP Gandolfi, hoping for the best...Did you luck out with that bid? :)

26-Apr-2009, 12:24
Did you luck out with that bid? :)

No, Sal, unfortunately I didn't get it. Never was able to find out how much it actually went for, either. Thanks for asking (after suggesting it)