View Full Version : Masks for Negative Carrier

24-Mar-2009, 09:17
Hi all,

I recently acquired a Beseler 4x5 universal glass negative carrier to keep the negative pefectly flat while printing. Since I shoot 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x7, and 6x9 in addition to 4x5, what material makes the best mask?



Mark Woods
24-Mar-2009, 09:28
I use paper that also works as a spacer to avoid Newton rings.

David Swinnard
24-Mar-2009, 12:32
I've used the black plastic (bag) that many of that many of the printing papers come in these days. Cut to suit.

27-Mar-2009, 23:19
In need of a negative carrier??
I bought a Beseler Cadet 35 recently but it didnt come with a negative carrier. I know it is suppose to use the negative carrier #3502 but i cannot find that anywhere. Do you know where they sell this negative carrier seperately? If not, do you know what other negative carrier i can purchase that will fit my Beseler Cadet 35?

28-Mar-2009, 06:32
Throw your Beselar in the dump and buy a Durst M70.