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24-Mar-2009, 06:47

Is that a Mamiya Press/Polaroid 600se?


24-Mar-2009, 08:08
Hello, Ash

All the Polaroid 600 SE's I've seen are black. This seems to have chrome finish. To me it looks like a Mamiya Universal Press or one of the other family members, which I am not able to distinguish from memory. Some had adjustable backs with set screws at each corner in a similar way as Linhof Technikas and others. This one seems to have the S-shaped film holder. Some of these were 6x9, some 6x7 and some could be adjusted for film format (masks).

Have a nice day!
Svein L

24-Mar-2009, 08:19
Could be a Mamiya Super 23:


I read he used 6x9cm for his cloud/sky pictures.

Martin Miksch
24-Mar-2009, 09:36
and what he has looking out from his pocket?

24-Mar-2009, 10:05
I think Ic-racer nailed it. I used one a couple week-ends ago in Yosemite.


24-Mar-2009, 10:28
I've had a couple of press's now. They are real love or hate cameras. You pick them up love the big viewfinder etc ... then hate them for not fitting in a bag properly!

Steve Hamley
24-Mar-2009, 11:11
It's a McCamera...

Cheers, Steve

24-Mar-2009, 11:19
Most likely a Super 23, where silver body, black lens and S-shape holder would be in time and type. Though a few Universals were silver, too, and some people have been seen with a new (black) lens on a pre Super body...