View Full Version : Differences between Cambo SCX 2 and other Cambo models...

Paulo Ogino
6-Oct-2001, 03:11
I've seen in KEH a Cambo SCX 2 camera, and I can't find the model on the Cambo S ite, so I wish to know the differences between this model and the others. I also need to obtain online info about this specific camera. Thanks for any advice.

Paul Coppin
13-Oct-2001, 10:04
Hi - fyi, there is a Cambo 8x10 SCX on Ebay currently, with good pictures - I have a Calumet/Cambo NX/SC2 and comparing them, the camera appears to be an intermediate between the sc series and the legends. If the price is good, and its built like the 8x10, it appears that it might be a very nice cam. - Why not ask Cambo directly by email through their web-site?