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Robert A. Zeichner
22-Aug-2001, 20:00
Well, I've come into a frozen box of Super XX ASA 200 B&W 4x5 film. Before I te st this stuff I was wondering if there was anyone with first hand experience who could suggest processing times & temps. I'm using Ilfotec HC presently, but al so have some D-76 and HC-110 to experiment with.

Doug Paramore
22-Aug-2001, 21:07
Robert: I shot some 8x10 Super XX that was badly out of date but had been kept frozen. I developed for six minutes in HC 110 and it turned out pretty good. You may want to test a sheet or two to see if you need to vary your developing from mine. I had a little age fog, but thenegs printed beautifully.


Sal Santamaura
22-Aug-2001, 22:22
If Michael Smith doesn't chime in here, it would sure seem worthwhile to ask him directly by email.

David F. Stein
23-Aug-2001, 10:28
I'd throw a little 2 percent benzotriazole in there. I think HC-110 1:37 at 7-1 0 minutes (slower emulsions less time; faster more) will get us into the ballpar k with most any film.

chris kargoris
23-Aug-2001, 17:16
I suspect Michael A Smith would say ABC Pyro Robert, He is THE Expert on this.

Michael A.Smith
23-Aug-2001, 20:37
Just develop as you normally would but add a little time because of the possible additional density in the toe. If you don't develop long enough the negative could be too flat. Better it be denser and have more contrast. Super XX doesn't seem to block up in the highlights unless you REALLY overdo it, so I wouldn't worry about that. As everyone seems to know, we develop in ABC Pyro, but of your choice between D-76 and HC-110, I'd go with D-76. Forget times and temps. Develop the damn things by inspection.

Michael A. Smith

Robert A. Zeichner
23-Aug-2001, 23:14
Well, I thank you all for your suggestions. I've loaded some holders and will conduct some tests this weekend. I just knew I could count on your help. I'll report the outcome once I make some prints.