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21-Mar-2009, 08:09
Hello all,

I seek service or advice on my ilexpo studio shutter. The fast speed setting is in need of repair. I am pretty handy and would like to try a repair myself but am lacking a schematic or a good image of a working model. Is there a fellow member who has knowledge of this type of shutter/repair?

Attached is the shutter with the rear sheet metal cover removed.

"F"- focus works great
"I"- instant works great
"B"- bulb works great

I can get the high speed to cock and fire if i assist the lever into correct place. The main spring has a lot of snap.

I am wondering if the holes marked in the attached image once contained springs to assist the shutter levers in their appointed travel.

Any suggestions or guidence is welcomed.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

chili, wisconsin (where there is 3 inches of new snow this morning!)

22-Mar-2009, 18:26
Hello all,

I have since found a spring and some friends here at the Large Format Photography Forum.

The details of the fix are located on the Ilexpo shutter control thread. Take a peek there! Thank you for your interest, advice and assistance.

eric nelson
chili, wisconsin