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Hagai Kaufman
5-Oct-2001, 09:59
Hello to everybody,

I'd like to get some advise concerning folding 4x5 field cameras that can be fol ded with a lens (specificly my favorite 135mm/5.6 Rodenstock sironar-N). If anyo ne knows about any camera that can do this (not including the press-type cameras i.e graflex and linhof), please let me know.


Hagai Kaufman Albatross Aerial Photography Tel Aviv ISRAEL www.albatross.co.il

Scott Bacon
5-Oct-2001, 10:39
I have the Caltar N 135mm/5.6, which I believe is the same lens. It folds into my Wista DX wood field - just barely. On a lens board with a slight recess it would fit perfectly.

Steve Artz
5-Oct-2001, 10:54
The 135mm Sironar-N will close inside Horseman's 45HD and 45FA cameras and will easily close inside Wista's Field Cameras and the Technical VX and SP if you turn the lensboard around before closing the camera.

5-Oct-2001, 11:47
Linhof technika can be folded with 135 and 150 Rodenstock sironar-N and with 135 and 150 Rodenstock sironar-S !!!

Urs Bernhard
5-Oct-2001, 11:59
Hi, The WALKER TITAN can fold witch a Sironar 135N, just barely, but it folds. The c amera is one of the most rugged and versatile on the market. Go to www.walkercameras.com Good luck Urs

Matt Long
5-Oct-2001, 13:56

You can fold up any of the Wista technical field cameras (RF, SP and VX) with the 135mm Sironar N. When using a lensboard with a hole that is centered (some predrilled lensboards offset the mounting hole slightly), you can close the camera with a lens having a front filter diameter of 52mm. I have a Rodenstock 150mm Sironar S with a 49mm filter diameter that fits with both offset and centered lensboards. Your 135mm has a 40.5mm filter size -- I see no problem whatsoever with these cameras.

Regards, Matt

Kerry L. Thalmann
5-Oct-2001, 14:56

I understand your question, but I'm not sure I understand the motivation. Is it to minimize the bulk required when carrying your system, to protect the lens du ring transport, or for rapid deployment when you want to take a picture?

My answer hinges on what you consider a "field" camera. Both my current cameras are monorails that are specifically designed to be used in the field - the Toho FC-45X and the Linhof Technikardan TK45S. Neither "fold up" like a traditional flat bed field camera, or a clamshell press/technical camera. However, either one can be collapsed and transported with a lens in place. I do it all the time , and unlike the flat bed and press/technical cameras, they are much less restri ctive in terms of what lenses you can leave mounted during transport. The only restriction is that the rear element must not be so deep it contacts the ground glass. One the Linhof that means any lens with a rear element depth of about 2" or less (every lens I am currently using on this camera from 75mm - 450mm can b e transported on the camera - including a 210mm APO Symmar). The Toho the maxim um rear element depth is just over an inch. Since I use this camera with compac t light weight lenses, it can easily be transported with lenses from 90mm to 300 mm mounted (90mm Congo, 135mm APO Sironar-N, 200mm Nikkor M and 300mm Nikkor M).

I'm not sure if either of these cameras meet your other needs, but I almost alwa ys transport them with a lens mounted to save room in my pack. I usually just l eave whatever lens I was last shooting with on the camera when I pack it up for transport. Saves a little time when packing up, and on occasion it also ends up being the "right" lens for my next shot - again saving a little time (although that's not my motivation for leaving a lens mounted during transport - swapping lenses only takes a few seconds). Having a lens mounted on the camera during tr ansport also protects the front side of the ground glass on these two cameras wh en carring them in the pack (otherwise, the front side of the ground glass is ex posed through the opening in the front standard.


paul owen
5-Oct-2001, 20:10
Hagai, have you considered the non-folding Ebony SW45? You can leave any lens on this and its ready to use in an instant.

Hagai Kaufman
7-Oct-2001, 04:00
I'm thinking on getting a Walker titan. If you use one, I would be happy to know one more thing about the way it opens and closes: what is the opening and closing sequence and what operations you need to do to open and close it.

I thought about the toyo 45ax, but luckily had the chance to check it out before and didn't like the way it opens and especially closes - very fiddley. I like to road around the city by foot with a small pack and tripod. When I feel like making a picture I like to setup quickly and fold down just as quick.

Thanks everyone for the reply,

Hagai Kaufman

Dave Erb
9-Oct-2001, 17:56

I just received a Caltar II-N 135mm, f-5.6 lens and found that it will fit on an older (circa 1991) Zone VI field camera if the lens is reversed in the front standard. There is a 5/8" clearance (and maybe a smidge more) between the bed and the focusing rails when the camera is folded up. The back element of the lens measures ~5/8" thick, so it is a tight fit.

Dave Erb