View Full Version : lens glass condition?

20-Mar-2009, 13:48
Pretty new here, and still getting all my stuff together so that hopefully one day I can actually expose some film...

I got what I think is a good deal on a 110 super symmar XL fro $1050. On inspection exterior looks 100% and rear element has just a tiny pin prick. The front element looks about perfect at first, but on very close inspection straight on there are barely visible super tiny scratches that I assume are from cleaning. Is this aything to worry about?


Kevin Crisp
20-Mar-2009, 13:57
Look at a bright point light source through the lens. (Tensor lamp from 20' away, an LED key chain light from 1' away, something like that.) If the scratches do not blur the light and make it look fuzzy, then you aren't going to see this on film. Frankly it has to be much worse than you are describing to see it on film. The pin prick on the rear won't do anything, if it catches the light you can touch it up with something black but a pin prick is too small to cause a problem. This is not to say this/these would not have been a proper negotiating point on price.

Clean it properly so you don't damage it. A lot of these have been damaged by people screwing filters on them, you might want to use a step up ring to increase the distance between the filter and the front element.