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20-Mar-2009, 04:28
ARCA-SWISS - 85 years of exceptional photography

ARCA-SWISS, pioneer company in high precision photography, celebrates today her 85th birthday. 2009, will be a rich and intensive year with a new serie of high precision professional cameras.
Today, we would suggest you to discover the exceptional Rm3dŽ which had achieved a great success at the last Photokina.

Rm3dŽ for high precision hand-held photography

ARCA-SWISS presents the Rm3dŽ, an innovative precision hand-held range finder camera.

The body, which is specifically designed for professional hand-held film based or digital photography, is equipped with vertical and horizontal shift systems and a tilting lens mount.
In particular, the Rm3dŽ has an auto-locking horizontal and vertical AIP (All In Plane) shift system on the film plane. The ARCA-SWISS R-series goes even further by also offering a front tilt system that allows the most efficient use of the available depth of field.

The Rm3dŽ can be equipped with a electronic module. The distance to the subject and the depth of field are measured and displayed digitally and include an electronic levelling aid, albeit a spirit level can also be used. This versatile camera can be used with a medium format digital or traditional film back of up to 6x9 cm either hand-held or with a tripod.

This new camera range has an ultra precise integrated focusing system, precise to 15 microns and an exclusive ARCA-SWISS bayonet lens mount. The wide diameter of the lens mount prevents all vignetting and flare. An extensive selection of high performance lenses are available for this camera. The new extremely bright and stray light free vario finder can cover focal lengths of 23 to 210 mm.

All controls are easily accessible and ergonomically efficient.

2009, under the ARCA-SWISS banner

Its functionalities and precision distinguish the R series from any other camera on the market. Photography enthusiasts will find that the Rm3dŽ is a solid, compact and light camera. It comes with either a medium format digital or film back and is ideal for location photography or studio work. Once again this year, ARCA-SWISS will surprise its audience by releasing a new range of innovative and high quality cameras for both professionals and consumers.

Rm3dŽ technical specifications

Dimensions with handles: Length 185 mm, Height 200 mm, Depth 40 mm
Weight 1150 g - 2,5 lbs
Format: up to 6X9 cm (analogue or digital)
Horizontal shift: 30 mm (15/15)
Vertical shift: 40 mm (30/10)
Tilt: 10° +- 5°
Helical Focus mount: 12.5 mm
Arca-Swiss Vario Finder 120° with masks
Lens mount: ARCA-SWISS R bayonet
Available lenses: 23-210 mm
Available lenses with extension-Kit: 55-400 mm
Adaptors for digital backs: Contax 645, Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645, AFI/HY6
Adapter for rollfilm holders: ARCA-SWISS, Horseman, Mamiya RB
Built-in tripod mount, viewfinder and optical bench
Rear connection for Backs: ARCA-SWISS 110X110 mm


E-module with electronic levelling aid and digital distance meter (depth of field to 4 F-stops), RotaSlideŽ sliding back, binocular viewer or leather viewing bellows with loupe, extension-Kit for shift of up to 90 mm, lens shade.

Peter De Smidt
23-Mar-2009, 17:02
It's a nice looking camera.

23-Mar-2009, 18:02
I want one!

evan clarke
24-Mar-2009, 04:49
I'd like one of these with my trusty 150 on it!! I bet it is $6k or better...Evan Clarke

24-Mar-2009, 13:02
Would love to learn more, but sadly, even in 2009, Arca Swiss still does not have a web site. It's almost beyond belief.

Gordon Moat
24-Mar-2009, 15:18
Arca Swiss quality is quite good, and I think many consider them one of the top brands in technical cameras. The exchange rates might be hurting them currently. One of their resellers has a nice overview of Arca Swiss gear, and some brochures:


My own choice would be the Misura, especially the one in the leather bag. However, unless Arca Swiss want to trade me one for setting them up on the internet (through my agency connections and some talented individuals), then it might be a while before I ever buy one. So for now I am left suffering with my Shen-Hao.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

George Kara
27-Mar-2009, 14:52
I was able to paw this kit over at photomark in AZ. What a magnificent machine built like the finest of swiss watches. - They cost as much as well.