View Full Version : DiXactol and Bergger 200

Stephen Vaughan
22-Aug-2001, 10:49
Has anybody tried processing Bergger 200 in DiXactol? Have heard that it has characteristics similar to Pyro. Any top-tips welcomed!

paul owen
23-Aug-2001, 14:39
Stephen, I have but found that the Bergger film is a bit too grainy, well not as sharp as FP4+ anyway. Paul

chris kargoris
23-Aug-2001, 17:04
Bergger 200 was quite a disappointment as Paul say's its grainy and difficult to get any contrast out of it. From what I can gather most people have tried it and moved on Bergger will have to improve it

David R Munson
23-Aug-2001, 23:18
Haven't tried it in DiXactol, but I've been using the Bergger BPF 200 in PMK Pyro and absolutely love the restults I've been getting. Sharpness and grain haven't been a problem, though I never enlarge any bigger than 11x14 from my 4x5 negs. From what I understand, BPF really wants to be developed in some sort of pyro formulation and doesn't respond all too well to other developers. As for DiXactol, you might just want to go ahead and try it to find out for yourself. If you like the results you get out of it, that's all that matters.