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20-Mar-2009, 00:39
Hi, I just ordered some lens boards for my new Chamonix. After reading what others have said, I ordered some "center drilled" boards from Badger Graphic. When they arrived, I noticed that they were Shen Hao brand. These fit my camera but they don't look quite centered but then again they don't quite look like my "off centered" Linhof lens boards. Was just wondering, do Shen Hao only make "center drilled" boards or do they make "off centered" as well? If they have given me off centered boards, is this OK to use on my Chamonix 45 N-1? Thanks so much for all your help. Kind Regards Josh

20-Mar-2009, 03:01
You are fine.

Jay Wolfe
20-Mar-2009, 13:48
There's no reason not to use the non-centered lensboards on your Chamonix. Just raise the lens standard about 5/16" with a non-centered board, and your lens will be centered. You will have given up some front rise capability, but it's unlikely that you would need all of the 45mm that Chamonix lists anyway.

John T
20-Mar-2009, 13:56
I don't know if later cameras have it, but my early Chamonix 4x5 has two aligning dots in the front. The top one is for the off center hole and the bottom one is for the centered hole.

23-Mar-2009, 00:35
Thanks everyone, your answers are much appreciated!! Josh:)

Clement Apffel
23-Mar-2009, 02:02
The only situation where you need a centered drilled lensboard with the 45N-1 is when you want to mount a really wide lens that barely covers 4x5":
No movements are allowed by standard or universal bellows so you need the lens to be perfectly centered at zero position.
and the bag bellows is not the solution cause under 65mm you cannot focus at inifinity with it.

enjoy your new camera.

25-Mar-2009, 19:11
Thanks Clement! Much appreciated...