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Blair Ware
19-Mar-2009, 18:35
Hi All,

After about 8 years of digital, I am returning to large format. I have a C-1 8x10 and a gorgeous rosewood Wista that will be getting some exercise. I've unfrozen my film and paper, bought a decent enlarger and hope to take a workshop or two this summer. My goal is to take longer to shoot less.

If there are any large format photographers in the greater Guelph area, I wouldn't mind getting together.

Cheers, Blair

http://www.flickr.com/photos/blairware/ BTW: I'll never give up my G9 :)

Vick Vickery
19-Mar-2009, 20:13
Welcome to group therepy! There is a lot of help here for the largely inflicted! :)

20-Mar-2009, 02:39
welcome from Hamiton!

Blair Ware
20-Mar-2009, 06:28
Vick and Bill, thanks for the welcome. I hear that there are some LF people in Hamilton area and hope to get out to some of the Big Camera Workshop events.

Blair Ware
20-Mar-2009, 08:10
Bill, from your posts it appears you have an 8x10 enlarger. Short of digging out my basement, there is now way I can get one of these beasts in the house and have resigned myself to contact printing and scanning... for now. :)

20-Mar-2009, 11:44
I bought one from a fellow on Craigs list in Detroit area. It is a zone vi and sitting on the floor stands about 5 feet high. So I bend over and kneel down to use it.

Robert Skeoch
20-Mar-2009, 13:53
I think you'll find a fair number of LF shooters in the area..... I just shoot 8x10 myself.

20-Mar-2009, 14:48
I'm from Scarborough, and I shoot and print 4X5!

Blair Ware
24-Mar-2009, 03:39
It's great to hear from all of you and I hope to meet some of you in person at one of Rob's LF soirees. http://bigcameraworkshops.com/default2.asp