View Full Version : Contact Printing: Azo vs. Bergger?

Stephen Vaughan
22-Aug-2001, 07:40
Considering ordering some Azo contact paper from Michael A.Smith in the USA, but also heard that Bergger recently introduced a paper designed specifically for contact printing called 'Contact II'.

Has anyone tried it out? If so, how does it compare to Azo?

Thanks! Stephen Vaugh

Sal Santamaura
22-Aug-2001, 10:02
The current issue of Photo Techniques (US) has an article on all the Bergger papers, including Contact 2, written by Carl Weese. Carl sometimes contributes to this forum.

Jeff Buckels
23-Aug-2001, 12:13
The issue of Photo Techniques Sal is talking about is the Sept.-Oct. issue, which won't be on the stands for a few days (in Albuquerque anyhow). I asked Carl Weese about this. -jb

Sal Santamaura
23-Aug-2001, 14:02
Thanks for the clarification Jeff. The issue arrived in my (West coast) mailbox early last week; it hadn't occurred to me that they're dated ahead and not on newstands yet.

chris kargoris
23-Aug-2001, 17:13
Michael says it's no good Stephen and not a true silver chloride paper. FWIW their 200 film is no good either, grainy as heck!

Michael A.Smith
23-Aug-2001, 20:49
The Bergger contact 2 paper is not a true contact printing paper. It is not a silver chloride paper. It has a little bromide and iodide (which is a halogen found in films), and is fast, fast, fast--at least compared to Azo. It may be slow compared to other enlarging paper. I think there is a great mistake in the marketing of this paper--it should be marketed as an enlarging paper. Paula and I did test it and it was so different from Azo in all respects (including a recommended 5-minute developing time) that we could not honestly compare it. It is probably a beautiful paper, but it is not a substitute for Azo.

Michael A. Smith