View Full Version : Kalart or else rangefinder for Crown

18-Mar-2009, 04:04
Hi crowd!

I've had that Crown Graphic for a while, and always used it on a tripod. It does have the holes for a rangefinder, so I figured I could add one.

But where could I find one? It does seem to require other bits to function...

I am a bit lost, could anyone help?


Glenn Thoreson
18-Mar-2009, 17:36
Finding a good one will be a hard thing to do. I take it this is the side mounted model you're looking for? If it's a post 1955 model that had the top mounted rangfinder, I'd forget it. Made by Graflex, I consider them to be a poorly designed troublesome piece of junk. The side mounted Kalarts were a very good piece. But, like I said, finding a good one with a good beam splitter could be a chore. Graflex also used a Hugo Meyer rangefinder. That's anoter one to cross off your list. They were made to pretty closely match a lens of a given focal length. Not adjustable for others and scarce. The Kalart is basically two items - the rangefinder itself, and the operating arm. You may want to contact Fred Lustig in Reno, NV. He has the remaining stock of new Graflex parts and is a top notch servieman. Search www.graflex.org for Fred's phone number. Daytime business hours calls only, please. Good luck.

19-Mar-2009, 00:20
:) Thanks a lot Glenn.

Indeed this is the side model I am looking for!

Jim Jones
20-Mar-2009, 06:39
I used a Hugo Meyer rangefinder years ago and was satisfied. Most adjustments were external with graduated scales to facilitate calibration.

The cost and bother of adding a rangefinder may be more than the cost of another body with functional rangefinder.

Michael Roberts
20-Mar-2009, 07:42
I've got one if you are still looking.