View Full Version : Filter adaptor for Heliar 150/4.5

17-Mar-2009, 23:30
I recently acquired a late version of Heliar 150/4.5 with serial number 6xxxxxx, which is dated around 1950. I found that the front filter thread is too shallow. I can not screw in filter or step-up ring on to the lens. Does anyone have same situation with this lens? How do you solve the problem?

J. Patric Dahlen
18-Mar-2009, 00:38
I use 37mm slip-on filters on my Heliar 135/4,5. I think the 150/4,5 takes 42mm slip-ons.

Steve Hamley
18-Mar-2009, 03:35
Older lenses don't use standard screw-in filters. See this thread just a little ways down the page:




18-Mar-2009, 03:40
Mine rather look as if that were a 0.5mm pitch thread. Probably never intended as a filter thread - 0.5mm M thread filters have been (and still are, by Heliopan) made, but they are rare and seem to be limited to few types in sizes up to 41mm, at least when it comes to in-production ones. Slip-ons are the way to go.


18-Mar-2009, 12:03
I had a similar problem with another old lens, a voigtlander apo-lanthar (15cm).
I found out that I needed a "Step Up Ring 40mm-40.5mm". You can find these ones in the auction site.
Ever Since I bought this one I can use the 40.5 standard filters I had for the angulon (90mm). This 40.5mm is a very common size.

19-Mar-2009, 10:15
heliar 150 is my favourite lens, tack sharp, I just hold the filter with my hand, all my filter is 77mm ring