View Full Version : mail order color LF process or self process?

15-Mar-2009, 13:45
I just found out I'll be traveling to Amsterdam, NL on a business trip this April. the wife and the Toyo (4x5), Rollei (MF) and the digital will be traveling with us. Oh yeah the dog as well...Yes I live in Europe so the dog coming though extravagant is normal for us...

Anyway to the problem at hand we have been shooting B&W photography but spring in Netherlands (when the rain stops)...the color is breathtaking. So I am looking at the standard color films Kodak/Fuji and now I have an issue of instant over normal development. I want to try instant but then I lose a negative. So I think I'll play with instant but would rather have the negative.

Now to my quandary, are there reputable businesses that develop color 4x5 and 120 film? Would it be better to develop my own film? I've looked at developing my own color, I have done it in the past (college 20+ yrs ago..) but barely have any recollection of what I did or how...;) The beer was good and cheap or was it just cheap? :D

Anyway to develop or not and then what is a good film in 4x5/120 film that can be developed easily?

Still researching the developing "how" so any links on that would be a help. Sorry for the rapid questions but I hit Amsterdam in 2 weeks...

Thanks again


Pfeiffer Duckett
18-Mar-2009, 19:44

Most professional grade sheet films are processed in C-41 and E-6 for negative and transparencies respectivly. I wouldn't suggest processing it yourself as the chemicals need to be kept at very specific temperatures. I'm not aware of any in Europe, but there should be plenty of options.

How are you planning on printing you're photos? I would suggest using color negative films to start out with such as kodak portra 160NC.

Good luck!

Ben Syverson
19-Mar-2009, 14:22
There are tabletop units out there that do all the temperature control for you, making developing your own color totally possible. The question is whether or not it's worth the hassle. To me, it's not, especially when you're traveling!

I'm sure you could get your film developed in Amsterdam while you're there -- why not do that? Pump some € into the local economy, and help their pro lab stay in business!

20-Mar-2009, 12:44
looking into a lab that is in the area is not a bad idea at all. Wife loves shooting film but hates the wait but loves the wait. :p Did it come out did it did it...You know how those damn photographers are :rolleyes:

I'll check it out online see if I come up with anything and if not ask at the hotel, someone there may know.

After posting here I was wandering around the next town over and stumbled into a Leica shop and somehow found myself on the inside talking cameras, film oh and a battery for the Rollei...BTW due you guys know anyone who process film, specifically 10 x 12cm? Blank stares and I start think oooh boy here we go...AND then BIG Grins and lots of excitement and and short version they do it and were more than happy to meet me. Shockingly it is the same price as in the US, minus the mailing fee so I'll try them out.