View Full Version : How can i buy a Yousouf Karsh portrait??

Stephane Beaudoin
20-Aug-2001, 18:28
I am looking for a photography of Mayor Jean Drapeau of the city of Montreal,Can . If anyone knows how and where to contact Mr Karsh or he has an office please e mail me, thank you.

mark lindsey
20-Aug-2001, 19:23
I think he is in toronto, and I believe he is listed.

tim atherton
20-Aug-2001, 19:47
It was Ottawa, though I believe he retired to Boston.

His Studio may still be in Ottawa...?

Tim A

tim atherton
20-Aug-2001, 20:00
Here's the old address - don't know it's still in effect: 1 Rideau St., Ottawa, Ont. K1N 9S7 CANADA

David E. Rose
20-Aug-2001, 20:27
Karsh is probably represented by several galleries. If you do a web search I am sure you will come up with one.

Jeff Buckels
20-Aug-2001, 22:53
One of the galleries is Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm sure they have a website. -jb

20-Aug-2001, 23:29

chris kargoris
21-Aug-2001, 14:04
check out AIPAD at http://www.photoshow.com/memls.html for dealers who may have his stuff. If he is still alive I'd like to know the address too. Though he may be locked into a contract with a dealer.

Doug Paramore
21-Aug-2001, 16:25
Do a search on "Karsh Photographer". There are seveal sites listed.