View Full Version : Silvestri T30 GG holder on a Horseman VH-R

Frank Bunnik
15-Mar-2009, 11:24
I have a Horseman VH-R and I was wondering if the Silvestri ground glass holder for the T30 would fit since, from the little information I could find, the Silvestri GG holder fits a baby graflock back. I could attach the Silvestri focussing bellows to it. This would be ideal for travelling relatively light. I know horseman has an kind of binoloupe for the VH and previous models but it is bigger and heavier and rarely offered for sale anywhere.

Thanks for your help, Frank

Phil Hudson
15-Mar-2009, 14:53
Not quite what you are asking but I can confirm that the Horseman VH-R monocular reflex finder (the one with the detachable ground glass screen base) will fit the Silvestri's "baby" Graflok back........

21-Mar-2009, 11:59
Hi Frank,

The Horseman VH-R and the original 6x9cm Silvestri bellows holder are cross-compatible with the Century Graflex, along with the Linhof 679 types. You may need to check for ground-glass registration with the image plane, however I doubt there is any deviance.

Some images of the Silvestri bellows focussing holder on a Century Graphic are enclosed. The latest bellows focussing holder, a more rigid variation, is more utilitarian and less pleasing in appearance.


Frank Bunnik
22-Mar-2009, 01:55
Thank you both. Since the Silvestri T30 uses the standard Horseman baby graflock filmholders, I decided earlier this week to take the gamble and I ordered a mint Silvestri T30 ground glass and holder for GBP 49. Once it arrives, I will post a message how it works. Now to find the Silvestri focussing bellows somewhere cheap...

That Century Graphic looks really beautiful by the way.