View Full Version : Tripod Help! Please..for 8x10 Sinar

15-Mar-2009, 11:02
Can anyone tell which models of Bogen and Gitzo, legs and heads will support my Sinar F 8x10 arriving this week? I have tried researching this but can not find any information. Its very frustrating...

Thank you.

Ken Lee
15-Mar-2009, 11:11
Find out how much the camera weighs, more or less, and then visit the Bogen/Manfrotto Interactive Camera Support System Configurator (http://www.manfrotto.com/Jahia/site/manfrotto/pid/4482/lang/en). (not a joke).

Clement Apffel
15-Mar-2009, 11:27
Gitzo has that kind of tool as well :

Gitzo Tripod configurator

here (http://www.gitzo.com/Jahia/#)

I prefer Gitzo over Manfrotto if you ask me.
I find their tripod more convenient. It's a personal choice of course.

hope it helps

David A. Goldfarb
15-Mar-2009, 11:38
A 3 or 5 series Gitzo should handle an 8x10" F. Go for the 5, if you plan to use long lenses or shoot close (portrait, tabletop, macro).

15-Mar-2009, 12:29
I used a large Bogen for a long time, taking to heart all of the suggestions about what's adequate. In the field, when I'd be changing locations and carrying the tripod on my shoulder with the 8x Deardorff mounted, it dug into my shoulder mercilessly. 20 yrs. ago I took it as paying dues. Getting re-introduced more recently and taking this pair into the field, I got the same shoulder bruises, but at 60 I'm not inclined to put up with it anymore.

For my 4x5, though, I happened to have just gotten a Feisol carbon fiber tripod which weighs something like 3lbs, and it occurred to me to give it a try with the Deardorff, even though this model (3342) is not rated as being adequate for 8x10 weight. To my surprise, though, it functioned pretty well, and walking a distance with the outfit on the shoulder is way more manageable. Its a top heavy arrangement, and the center column is not usable, but as long as the three legs were positioned to distribute the weight evenly, it works just fine for the standard positions. I wouldn't go out on any windy cliffs with it, but I'm not doing a lot of that lately anyway.

The point being that its important to look at the charts and forum suggestions, but its still a good idea to try out other ideas for the hell of it. I definitely prefer a rigid tripod, having kicked legs and having to recompose many times, it just gives a feeling of reassurance to have a solid base. But I also don't like restraints to my creative impulses, such as physical pain.


Walter Calahan
15-Mar-2009, 13:39
I prefer an Reis for my 8x10 and 4x5 cameras.


I do own many Gitzo tripods, but for LF, I prefer wood.

Terence McDonagh
15-Mar-2009, 16:06
It depends how much you're willing to spend. I have a Gitzo 1340 and a Feisol3371 that can easily handle it. The Gitzo is a silky smooth, finely crafted instrument. The Feisol is light, sturdy and inexpensive, but workman-like.

If I have access to a vehicle. The Gitzo comes along. If I'm car-less or far from the road, the Feisol goes.

Frank Petronio
15-Mar-2009, 16:28
You can go smaller but a having a heavier metal Gitzo 4 or 5-series and the Sinar Pan-Tilt head is probably the most secure choice (or the $$$ Gitzo 1500-series CF). I'm clumsy and a big, heavy tripod keeps the camera from moving about when inserting holders, etc.

The ultimate is to have a second lighter one for hiking...

Rick Moore
15-Mar-2009, 17:03
I use a Gitzo 1500 with a Gitzo 1570M head for my Canham 8x10 and it's rock solid. Not the lightest tripod, but not the heaviest, either. If you want a lighter tripod, look at the Feisol 3372 - very sturdy and very light (maximum load 12kg, weight 1.72kg. You can get one from Really Big Cameras, run by LFF member Kerry Thalmann.

Mick Noordewier
15-Mar-2009, 17:13
I'll second Frank's recommendation of the Sinar pan-tilt head. First, it was designed for the task, and second, it's reasonably compact. Works beautifully in balance with your Norma.

16-Mar-2009, 04:28
Cheaper but no less sturdy option would be a Slik Professional 4, I'm shooting a p2 8x10 on one with a sinar pan/tilt head and it's rock solid. The only thing I would mention would be to buy the short collumn option so you can get lower if you need to.

Daniel Unkefer
16-Mar-2009, 04:40
Foba tripods work well with the Sinar Norma. I also like the big Manfrottos.

16-Mar-2009, 09:19
A third vote for the Sinar pan-tilt head. A perfect match to the Sinar cameras.

Jerry Bodine
16-Mar-2009, 10:30
A fourth vote for Frank's recommendation of the Sinar Pan-Tilt head. In my younger backpacking years I used it on my Series 4 aluminum Gitzo with 4x5 Norma. It's also adequate for my 5x7 Norma, but I go with the Series 5 aluminum Gitzo for 8x10 Norma. On both tripods I've recently installed leg wraps to cushion my shoulders for fairly short carries. I chose Op/Tech Leg Wraps from the following pdf:


I found the best price at Adorama, about $25 per tripod. Shipping was almost negligible because they're so light.

Peter De Smidt
16-Mar-2009, 21:03
Well, I'll jump on the wagon. I use my Sinar 8x10 with a Sinar Pan/Tilt head on a Series 5 aluminum Gitzo. If I'm really going to be in the muck, I use the same head on a surveyor's tripod.

20-Mar-2009, 12:41
The Gitzo 5-series tripods have the advantage of being about as indestructible as you could hope for in exchange for being heavier, and easily disassembled for cleaning out any muck or sand that might have gotten into the legs.