View Full Version : Linhof Rapid Rollex - decentered image?

15-Mar-2009, 07:43

recently I saw an ebay auction where the seller described the linhof rapid rollex 6x7 cassette (for 4x5 cameras) as having the image frame decentered by 1,5 cm to one side. On the pictures I saw of this product on the internet, it seems to be true.

Could someone who owns this cassette please confirm? Wouldn't this lead to problems if you use this with a field camera and wide angle lens and don't want to shift?
I mean you would have to shift the camera 1,5cm against the "builtin shift" of the cassette. which is not possible with my technika and short lenses.

It could be an advantage if you want to shift more than your camera allows, though.

I am just curious, because I didn't read anywhere about this phenomenon yet.


Bob Salomon
15-Mar-2009, 07:57
The Rapid Rollex is supplied with a ground glass template that fits on the gg and outlines the live image area. So yes, the image is not centered.