View Full Version : 18cm Dagor for 5x7

Steve Williams_812
20-Aug-2001, 17:42
First I want to thank all who provided input for a lens for my new acquired (old ) 5x7.

I purchased a barrel lens with no flange for use with a Packard shutter. The le ns is an 18cm f6.8 Dagor. It's old, has some imperfections and some cleaning ma rks on the real element. It should be fine for making contact prints. It cost all of $39.00.

My question is how to mount this lens without a flange? I was planning on makin g a custom board with an extra piece of wook glued to the front. I will drill a hole to the size of the barrel and then glue the lens in the board using silico ne or something. Has anyone tried this or is there a better way to do this? Lo oks are not important anymore with the new 100 dollar Ansco.....



Dave Willison
20-Aug-2001, 18:37

For about $45 you could have a flange made by SK Grimes. It might seem odd to spend more than the cost of your lens, but it's probably the best solution.

If you don't like that alternative, try looking for a large retaining ring. Home Depot or a similar hardware store will carry these rings, although you may have to do some searching to find one that fits the back (threaded) portion of your lens. Retaining rings are open at one end and are flexible. They can be attached with a special tool that works like a pair of pliers in reverse. If you don't have the tool, needle nose pliers will work with a bit of effort. Simply slide your lens through the lensboard so that the back threads are revealed and affix the retaining ring to the threaded part of the lens.

If the Packard shutter is mounted on the back of the board, you may not be able to mount the lense using the solution suggested above. In that case, you can try mounting the lens by attaching a 3/4 inch block of wood on the front of the lensboard. The wood block should be about the same size as the board and have a hole drilled through it which is slightly larger than the diameter of the lens. The lens slides through the block and two thumbscrews retain the lens in place. The screws are positioned on the side of the block and thread through wood inserts.

Drop me a line if this seems unclear. I hope this helps.