View Full Version : Bulk Chemicals in Los Angeles??

Jim Galli
14-Mar-2009, 09:37
I'm hoping to do some Cirkut camera work this summer and I'd like to buy some bulk Hypo in 50 or 100 pound sack. Is there a place in So. Ca. to do that. I don't need regeant grade. The stuff to de-chlorinate the pond would be fine. Thanks for any help. Google searches aren't what they used to be unless hypo now costs more than rock cocaine.

14-Mar-2009, 13:04
I have used this http://store.ultrafineonline.com/ulunrafilico3.html (from Oxnard, CA ) but thats not exactly what you requested.

14-Mar-2009, 13:29
holy crap. i did a google search just for fun....man! i am going into the hypo business. i saw a couple of pounds for like $1000!

i am lucky to live very close to artcraft chems. i stop in and see him to get my stuff just to save the shipping.....i picked up a fifty pounder the other day......

hope you find something. try artcraft if you must. the shipping on 40 pounds was like $35. if you buy 50 he may give you a deal.....

Kevin Crisp
14-Mar-2009, 16:44
Jim: You might try Westco Chemicals, 12551 Saticoy Street South, North Hollywood, CA 91605. (818) 255-3655.

I did a web search for chemical suppliers after my hole in the wall place, closer to the office, folded and they seemed like a source. They list hypo as something they sell. I have no idea how they are on pricing and I haven't used them since I haven't run out of my supply from the old place yet. Good luck. I'd be interested to know what they charge though if you pursue it.

Eric Woodbury
14-Mar-2009, 17:05
There are enough swimming pools there. Call a pool supply place. They should have it in 50#.

Kevin Crisp
15-Mar-2009, 08:27
Wonder if it is in the Tonapah phone book.

Eric Woodbury
19-Mar-2009, 19:42
I walked into the pool supply place in town today. They had 1 lb bottles of hypo for $20. Wow. Or you could order 50 lbs for $68. It's all about bulk and packaging.