View Full Version : info needed about a look new Scneider Dagor 14inch made in USA

olivier auverlau
19-Aug-2001, 12:31
hi , i just discover this forum I m a a belgian big format photographer... i work in 6x18 4x5 and 8x10 and some time with 6x6 and 6x9 , i live in ecuador , south america and find yesterday in a old photo shop in the colonial center of the old city (q uito) a very nice brand new "Schneider Dagor 14inch gold dot Made in USA with Copal 3 shutter ..." the lens look nice ... I have a linhoff 4x5 and a 8x10 cameras with news schneider lenses , 47, 65,90,1 50.180 250mm and i am interested and this Old style Dagor ... if the lens is so old than you descrbe in the web site, this i see look very new and something coated ... my question is : do you have any idea of price of this lens ???

thanks , Olivier auverlau

neil poulsen
19-Aug-2001, 14:51
There's a recent post in this forum on all the different types. (See Classic Lenses.) The relevant part is quoted below:

"There are three versions of 14" Gold Dot Dagor lenses made by Kern and marketed by Schneider. The first version is single coated, and mounted in "older" Copal #3 shutter (thread size 60 mm); the second version is also single coated and mounted in "old" Copal #3 shutter (thread size 62 mm, chrome rim); the third version is multi-coated and mounted in black Compur #3 shutter only. All three versions aparently have the same coverage. The first and second versions do not have filter threads, and Steve K. Grimes can make a push-on filter adapter to any size you wish for $50, and the third version has a 60 mm filter thread. As you can expect, the multi-coated third version is MUCH contrastier, but some of my friends said it's too "HARSH" for B&W. The single coated versions give excellent tonal range. It's a personal taste. The first version and third version sell for about the same price, but usually the third version is in better shape and therefore its price is higher. I don't have the second version. Because it's very rare, I was told, its selling price is at least doubled (it's a collector's item. Does NOT make any sense!). Hope this helps. Cheers, -- Geoffrey Chen"

I have the multi-coated version mounted in a Compur, and I would add that it doesn't have near the covering power as a 360mm Schneider Symmar-S. (i.e. a standard 360mm lens.) I believe I was able to get about 1.75 inches (or so) rise with my 8x10 back in the vertical orientation. It's certainly less than one would obtain with an f7.7 Dagor. So, if you buy it, test it to make sure it meets your needs.