View Full Version : sinar shutter to deardorff 8x10 ?

kv nguyen
13-Mar-2009, 02:24
did anybody in the forum try this custom job ? will you share some picture or how to do it ?

Allen in Montreal
13-Mar-2009, 04:29
Someone posted a picture of a wooden 8x10 with a sinar shutter, I can't be sure if it was a deardorff or not, but it has been done. It looked like a very well done job too.
I may have a kept a pix for reference, will check later.

13-Mar-2009, 05:29
Possibly some info here:

And more generally, here:

13-Mar-2009, 07:33
Does front mounting puts extra force on the shutter?

13-Mar-2009, 07:53
I don't like the idea: this shutter is designed to be placed between the standard and the bellows.......

I don't know if your bellows is detachable though.....


Ken Lee
13-Mar-2009, 08:01
"I don't like the idea: this shutter is designed to be placed between the standard and the bellows......."

That's right.

The connection of the shutter front, to the rear of the forward standard, is just like that of a bellows. It is not as robust as the standard itself. It is lightweight: strong enough to hold a bellows, or a shutter, but not much more.

The same is true of the shutter rear: it accepts the front of a bellows, not a standard. The connection on the shutter rear, is lightweight.

This makes sense, since the camera is made of strong parts, only where they are needed. If not, the camera would become even heavier than it already is.

13-Mar-2009, 09:44
If you look closely at the link I posted, you can almost see the beads of sweat forming on the poor Deardorff's front standard. The front mount method might work (don't know; never tried it myself), but I sure wouldn't hang a 760mm Apo-Nikkor on it. That lens is heavy enough without the weak link of the shutter being there. I suspect the front tilt shown is inadvertent.