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12-Mar-2009, 15:47

What other large format camera systems would use a 4x4" lensboard?

I am searching for compatible boards for an old Calumet CC-400 camera.

Thanks for your help.


Peter K
12-Mar-2009, 15:56
Here (http://www.skgrimes.com/lensboards/index.htm) you can find most of the common lensboards.

Kirk Fry
12-Mar-2009, 23:44
Baby Dorff. I have a 14 inch Commercial Ektar on a 4 in wood board that I am sure came off a Dorff and it fits in my CC400. You can make them from black poly carbonate sheet plastic purchased at TAP plastic.


12-Mar-2009, 23:58
I read somewhere the graflex lens boards for the anniversary speed graphic (and others?) fit the calumet (but not the other way around).

Ahh, here it is:

"Lensboards for Anniversary (and pre-Anniversary) are Graphic "C" boards, which are 4x4 inches. There are adaptors to fit the Pacemaker metal boards on the older cameras and they show up occasionally at camera sales.

The wooden boards are fairly easy to get or make. The Graphic will also take 4x4 metal lens boards made for the Graphic View but will not take the Calumet boards, although the Calumet camera will take everything. "


That implies to me that the calumet takes graphic view boards, speed graphic boards, and of course calumet boards.

You can probably make one out of model airplane birch plywood if you can't find one elsewhere. It's how I make all my boards.

13-Mar-2009, 02:43

Seems like the actual Calumet boards show up quite often on Ebay. A bought a total of six (four flat and two recessed) within a month a little over a year ago and still see them pop up pretty regularly when I search under "Calumet". Just keep watching.

You might also check at KEH.com.

Good luck.


Mark Sampson
13-Mar-2009, 04:22
Doesn't Calumet themselves still offer these? They are/were the manufacturer after all.

13-Mar-2009, 04:35
if you have trouble finding the right board
you can look for an adapter board that shows up on ebay often
it goes from a speed graphic to 4x4 board. the speed graphic boards
are small and easy to find and if you have more than one camera ( like a speed as well as your cal )
you won't have to deal with changing lens boards every time you change cameras ...

good luck!

David Lindquist
13-Mar-2009, 08:52
Calumet does show these on their website, their part number CC4503 with a pilot hole for $39.99. Or bored for Copal No. 0, 1 or 3, part numbers CC45030/45031/45033 respectively, $49.99. They currently show 2-4 weeks to ship for all of these.

13-Mar-2009, 16:50
Wow, Thanks everyone for all the responses. I see this will be a great place to learn.

Really appreciate it!

Sincerely, Andrew