View Full Version : Astia in the UK?

12-Mar-2009, 07:57
Does anyone know of anyone selling Astia either 4x5 sheet or quickload anywhere in the UK? The only place I can find it is at B&H in the US but my normal sites in the UK don't have it.

If anyone has any for sale I'd be interested, particularly in Quickload, I'm nearly out of it.

I guess this means that Astia is on its way out, it must have an ever decreasing user base, I'm trying but I don't think I can single-handedly keep it going!

Joanna Carter
12-Mar-2009, 08:47
You really ought to follow the UKLFPG groups more, we are already discussing the topic.

Basically, Fuji UK have stopped shipping Astia 100F. I managed to buy up, what might have been, the last case in the country, for storage. However, in the UKLFPG, we are discussing the possibility of sharing the import of a case (20 boxes) from Badger Graphics, who are cheaper than B&H. It would work out at around 66.30 per box of QL, including duty, VAT and shipping; which compares with 63.25 inc.VAT plus shipping if you were to buy a single box of Velvia 100 from Robert White. Although, RW are doing a 2 for 109.25 inc.VAT plus shipping offer on Velvia and Provia.