View Full Version : Rodinal and sheet film

Richard Littlewood
12-Mar-2009, 02:55
Been using varioud dilutions of ID-11 in a Jobo so far with FP4 and on the whole what I get does for me, but recently I've been deving 120 FP4 in Rodinal semi-stand, Patterson tanks, and I do like the negs - something about the mid tones is very appealing. I tried deving 5x4 the same way using a 2553 tank and two spirals - semi stand, but unlike the roll film the sheet film was way too uneven, and had edge build up - must say it's possibly too ambitious to try a 2553 tank inversion developing.
Just wondering if there is a tank that can be used with semi-stand and sheet film - maybe I should try the 2553 tank again, this time in the dark with the lid off and just raise and lower the spirals.
Anyone use Rodinal with 5x4 semi-stand and not use trays?

Vlad Soare
12-Mar-2009, 04:05
I find my Jobo 2523 (or 2521? I can't remember which one is which) to be perfect for stand and semi-stand development. I did it a few times and had no problems with uneven development. That may be either because I always pre-wash the film, or because, being a one-reel tank, it's smaller and gets filled faster, or both. Also, I agitate very vigorously during the first minute.
I used R09 1+160 for two hours. Strong agitation for one minute, then stand.

Leonard Alecu
12-Mar-2009, 23:55
The best is to use nitrogen burst system. Agfa Rodinal 1:100 at 18C. Agitation (nitrogen burst) 3sec/min. Expose the FP4 at 80 ASA or make a personal film speed test. (you can find info here www.zone2tone.co.uk/advzonesys.htm ).
You must find your personal dev. times for N-1, N0, N+1. As a start point, use 24 min for N0. For N+2 use Rodinal 1:50 or 1:25. For N-2 use Rodinal 1:200. A temperate water bath is necessary.
Outstanding acutance, fine grain (at 18C) and fine details in the light and shadows.