View Full Version : Sinar F 4x5 to use a 8x10 P back

11-Mar-2009, 10:51
Would it be possible to use a 8x10 P back standard to a 4x5 Sinar F ?:confused:

Drew Wiley
11-Mar-2009, 10:57
Yes, but it's not an ideal situation. To get the lens properly centered in relation to the
back you have to use a lot of rise. The f2 4x5 front standard will work OK, the f1 not
as well, especially with a heavy lens. The F standard specifically for 8x10 is a lot
stronger, and sometimes lately you can pick up an actual P standard fairly reasonably.

11-Mar-2009, 11:03
Ok thanks Drew, thats what I thaught, a lot of rise, maby to mouch so I dont have any left for straighten up lines..?

/ Fredrik

Peter De Smidt
11-Mar-2009, 11:21
I agree with Drew. You'd have very little room for more rise, and the front standard would be pretty stressed.