View Full Version : Is E-6 in Ireland dead? :-(

The Muid
9-Mar-2009, 06:03
Hi everyone :)

I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyplace in Ireland, other than Repro 35 that does professional E-6 processing? The reason I ask is that I had a very bad experience there today with the manager, who I found to be rude and condescending, not to mention the fact that I had dropped off rolls of 135 film to them before and had them processed for 7 a roll, and today he charged me 10 a roll. When I asked why the price had changed, he told me, in a very sarcastic and rude way that someone must have given me the wrong price before. I am not the first person in my course to have such bad experiences with this company, and any alternative - even if it would mean traveling to Belfast or Cork - is preferable to me than putting up with such nonsense from a supposed "professional".

What I'm looking for really is a place that'll process all slide film to professional standards - from 135 and 120 to 10x8"

Thanks for your help,


9-Mar-2009, 06:12
As I'll need it later this year, please drop me a note if you find any places off-list!


29-Oct-2010, 17:38
Photocare on Abbey street in Dublin. up to 120 size

Matus Kalisky
30-Oct-2010, 16:13
Should you be forced to send the E-6 out of your country consider http://www.dia-spezial.de/ in Germany. They do E-6 only in any format you need. And they do a perfect job.

John NYC
4-Nov-2010, 18:00
Sad. A country the size of Ireland doesn't have a lab that does LF E6 still?

5-Nov-2010, 12:41
I'm based in West Cork, Ireland and Southern France,no local E6 in either place [send to Dublin as above or Paris]
I send all my C41 and E6 to Genie imaging in London, great service and cheap! http://www.genieimaging.co.uk/
Using their online service C41 or E6 is GBP 1.99 all sizes 35mm to 5x4
Also really useful C41 and scan 120 or 5x4 GBP 4.99.
why pay Eur 10 and be sneered at?

5-Nov-2010, 13:35
I always send my films to EuroColor Gera in Germany (it is one of the largest Fuji labs in Europe):

P.O.Box 1312
07503 Gera
tel: +49-365-7355-220

You can either purchase vouchers or request an invoice and transfer the funds. Excellent service, very fast and reliable, in more than 5 years not one single problem. Costs: Euro 2,00 per film, be it 35mm or MF, haven't asked for 4x5 or larger, but a short call should clarify this topic.